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For each BC ELN license, the vendor issues one invoice to BC ELN covering the cost of all BC ELN partner library participation.  BC ELN then charges each participating library with their individual cost. Costs are accumulated and invoices are issued to partner libraries normally 8  times each fiscal year. Invoices are in Canadian dollars.  Foreign currency exchange is calculated according to the SFU Finance department exchange rate in effect on the invoice date.

Online Billing System:


View costs by Billing

  • Under "View Invoices and Spreadsheets" select the fiscal year. 
  • Then click on the billing then “Invoices".
  • Finally, click on your institution to see the individual invoice.  Do not pay invoices marked "Draft".

View summary of costs by institution and year

  • Choosing your institution from the drop down list under "Select Library and Fiscal Year:”
  • You can see previous year's costs by choosing that year from the "Fiscal Year:" dropdown list.
  • Then click the Submit button.
  • This page contain a summary of all database costs entered into the Billing System for your institution, including currency, exchange rate and total cost.
  • Items with the Status "Outstanding" have either been just been added to a Billing or will be soon.  All others show the invoice that they have been billed out on.

For those who have forgotten the username and password, please contact


What is unrecoverable GST and how much is it?  
The unrecoverable GST (Goods and Services Tax) is the amount of tax remaining after the rebate from the federal government. The whole GST rate is 5%.  With the 67% rebate for purchases related to educational services, the unrecoverable GST is reduced to 1.65%.  This unrecoverable portion of the tax is charged to BC ELN on vendor invoices and then passed on to institutions.

Why does this year’s subscription cost more compared to last year’s?
While there is usually a small annual increase in cost, we try to keep it to 3% or less.  There are also variations in the US exchange rate used to convert costs to CAD.  If you believe the increase is in error, please contact

How do I find out what US exchange rate was used?
While this information is not on the invoice itself, it is available online within the spreadsheets generated for each billing.

To view the spreadsheets:

  • Log into the billing system.
  • Under "View Invoices and Spreadsheets" click on the fiscal year. 
  • Click on the Billing, then “Spreadsheets". 
  • Choose the database you are interested in from the resulting list. 
  • The exchange rate will be listed in the second to last column, titled “Exchange.”

Why wasn’t my library issued an invoice?
Not every library will receive an invoice for every billing.  Your library may not subscribe to any of the subscriptions on this particular billing.  If you believe this is in error, please contact as soon as possible.

Can I pre-pay for my database costs?  
Yes, any institution can pre-pay before the start of the new fiscal or very early in the fiscal. The amount will not be applied to any specific database cost as it will be taken off the next Billing invoice issued.  To request a pre-payment invoice, please contact