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Literary Research Package Renewal 2021-2022

Response Deadline: 
October 15, 2021

Subscription Term


December 1, 2021


November 30, 2022

Pricing for the Literary Research Package offer is now available. The Literary Research Package (LRP) replaces and expands the previous Literature Resource Center license at no additional charge. There are no increases to the cost of LRP this year.

The Literary Research Package includes:

  1. Literature Resource Center
  2. Gale Literature
  3. Select Gale eBooks titles

In addition, three literary products are available as upgrade options:

  1. LitFinder
  2. Scribner Writers Online
  3. Twayne's Authors Online

See pricing section below for more details.



The Literary Research Package includes Gale's Literature Resource Center, Gale Literature, and select Gale eBooks titles. Additional upgrade products (LitFinder, Scribner's Writers Online, Twayne's Authors Online) are available for purchase with the Literary Research Package.

Literature Resource Center

Gale Literature Resource Center is Gale’s most current, comprehensive and reliable online literature database. It offers the broadest and most representative range of authors and their works, including a large collection of full-text critical and literary analysis. The database provides researchers with unbounding evidence to support their literary responses and thesis statements through a diversity of scholars and critics that ensure all views and perspectives are represented.

Gale Literature

Gale Literature brings together Gale's premier literary databases into a single digital environment that allows researchers to search across a library's resources to discover and analyse content in entirely new ways. No other publisher offers this combination of uniquely rich literary content, dependable metadata, and intuitive subject indexing – all enriched by features and design that breathe new life into the study of literature.

Gale eBooks (select titles available in the Literary Research Package)

The Gale eBooks platform provides comprehensive support from many of today’s top publishers, optimized for search, discovery, and integration across your library’s educational programs. The following eight titles are provided and can be accessed here


International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences e2 2008


Magill's Cinema Annual 2015 e34 2015


The Literature of Autobiographical Narrative 2013


The Literature of Propaganda 2013


The Literature of War 2012


The Manifesto in Literature 2013


Twenty-First Century Drama 2012


VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever e2016 2015


LitFinder provides access to a wealth of literary works and secondary-source materials covering world literature and authors throughout history. Including more than more than 150,000 full-text poems and over 800,000 poetry citations, as well as short stories, speeches, plays, biographies, work summaries, photographs, and a glossary.

Scribner Writers Online

Scribner Writers Online consists of all volumes in the Scribner American Writers series, including: American Writers (the 4-volume base set and all supplements), American Writers Retrospective and American Writers Classics.

Twayne’s Authors Online

Twayne’s Authors Online offers in-depth introductions to the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements and to the development of literary genres. This online series features the content of more than 600 books that comprise three print series --United States Authors, English Authors and World Authors -- each of which were carefully coordinated with input from librarians and educators to include authors universally studied in high schools and colleges.

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Last updated September 14, 2021


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