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Applying for Associate Membership

BC ELN Associate Membership allows libraries to claim "affiliation" status with BC ELN (affiliation status does not extend to the host site, Simon Fraser University). Libraries can choose to be members only and not subscribe to any of BC ELN’s services. However, membership is a requirement to participate in any of these services.

N.B. All BC ELN partner libraries, including Associate Members, must participate in the Common Suite, a multi-year bundle of resources. As such, Associate Members must pay annual Common Suite subscription costs in addition to annual membership fees.

General Requirements

Associate Members must meet all the following requirements:

  • Embrace the vision, mission, values and principles of BC ELN.
  • Institution must be operational in British Columbia (satellite campuses are excluded).
  • Be part of a post-secondary institution.
  • Have a physical library available to their BC students.
  • Have consent to offer credentials by the Province of British Columbia through the Degree Quality Assessment Board or;
  • Be designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education in BC, or;
  • Have authority from the Government of BC to offer credentials (includes institutional charters passed by the BC Legislature).
  • Provide accredited Full Time Equivalent (FTE) student numbers annually.
  • Have adequate, dedicated, and appropriately credentialed library staffing levels as mutually determined by BC ELN and the Institution.

Further, all BC ELN Associate Members must:

  • Meet all the requirements listed for the BC ELN services (e.g. Licensing, AskAway, WriteAway, Illume) they subscribe to.
  • Understand and comply with procedural requirements of any BC ELN product(s) or service area(s) the member participates in, including the automatic renewal approach to database licensing.
  • Comply with Terms and Conditions of licenses signed by BC ELN on the members' behalf.
  • Promptly pay invoices for BC ELN coordinated products and services. At the discretion of BC ELN, prepayment may be required.

Fee Requirements

Application Fee

  • Libraries applying for BC ELN Associate Membership are required to pay BC ELN an application fee of $500. The applicant is responsible for any travel expenses incurred by the BC ELN Office during the application process.
  • The application fee is non-refundable regardless of the decision of the BC ELN Steering Committee regarding the application.
  • The application fee is a one-time fee. If a library withdraws from BC ELN or becomes ineligible for membership and chooses to reapply, the application fee may be required again at the discretion of the BC ELN Director.

Annual Associate Membership Fee

All libraries accepted to be BC ELN Associate Members are required to pay the following:

  • a membership fee annually as approved by the BC ELN Steering Committee;
  • service-specific fees for any services subscribed to (e.g. AskAway, WriteAway, Illume);
  • all fees are outlined on the Associate Member Fee Schedule.

Common Suite Annual Subscription Fee

All BC ELN partner libraries, including Associate Members, are obligated to participate in the Common Suite, a multi-year bundle of resources. As such, Associate Members must pay annual Common Suite subscription costs. For more information about Common Suite pricing, please contact the BC ELN Office.

Service Specific Requirements

Associate Members participating in the Licensing service must:

  • Agree to comply with the licenses negotiated by BC ELN including protecting appropriate access guidelines;
  • Pay for all vendor licensing costs for databases that they choose to subscribe to within the correct fiscal year;
  • Be able to provide accurate FTE counts;
  • Have IP addresses that are distinct to their institution;
  • Provide secure off-campus authenticated access for students;
  • Have technical support at a workable level so that BC ELN licensed databases can be accessed by users;
  • Have appropriate staffing levels so that instructional support to their institution's users is available for licensed databases.

Associate Members participating in additional BC ELN services (e.g. Arca, AskAway, Illume, WriteAway) must:

  • Commit to the service guidelines, policies, procedures, and requirements as outlined on the BC ELN website.
  • Provide professional staff time to service, as appropriate, and as defined on the website.
  • Promptly pay any Service Support Fees required for participation.

Associate Member Application Process

If all BC ELN membership requirements are met, institutions may apply for Associate Membership. The following steps outline the process:

  1. If you wish to initiate the application process, please fill out the Associate Member Application Form.
  2. The application form, along with relevant additional information, is brought forward to the Steering Committee Executive.
  3. A site visit may be made to the applicant site.
  4. The BC ELN Executive Director brings a recommendation to the Steering Committee on whether or not to grant Associate Membership to the applicant site.
  5. The BC ELN Steering Committee makes a decision.
  6. The applicant site is informed of the outcome.
  7. If Associate Membership is granted, the applicant site signs an Associate Member Letter of Agreement.

Note the process can take from 4-6 months to complete.