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Statista is one of the leading statistics companies on the internet. With a team of over 450 statisticians, database experts, analysts, and editors, Statista provides users with an innovative and intuitive tool for researching quantitative data, statistics and related information. The product is aimed at business clients and academics of any size. Consultant firms and media agencies license our services as well as strategy and marketing departments in large corporations from a variety of industries. Our client base includes a wide range of globally active companies and premier academic institutions. Since the launch of the platform in 2008, more than 1,000,000 users have registered with Statista.

To provide our clients with responsive, accurate and specialized data they have come to expect from Statista, we work closely with market leaders in the research sector in addition to specialist institutions. Our strategic partners in the United States include the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4 A’s). Our media partners include, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, The Independent and Forbes.

The Expert Tools include: 


  • Global comparison tool – 150 countries worldwide (roughly 79% of global GDP)
  • portrays the 17 most important consumer markets
  • 155 product segments
  • examines the most relevant KPIs of each market
  • Revenue, Revenue per capita, Volume of sales, Volume of sales per capita, Unit price, Global comparison, market indicators


  • Global comparison tool – 150+ international countries & regions (90% of worldwide economic power + 78% of global internet population)
  • 9 digital verticals with 36 segments
  • explains what is behind markets related to buzzwords like Smart Home, FinTech or Connected Car, etc
  • provides forecasts about the individual market trends
  • Revenue trends, User trends, ARPU (Average revenue per user), Global comparison, Market indicators


  • Mobility Market Outlook presents the key figures from the world of automotive and mobility
  • Passenger cars in 12 car classes, over 80 major makes and 27 countries
  • Connected cars in 3 major categories in 50 countries
  • Sales, revenues, prices, and brands
  • Market insights, forecasts and indicators


  • More than 150 countries, over 70 KPIs, six segments, one interactive tool. 
  • The interactive tool gives you extensive insights of a country’s most relevant KPIs at a glance. 


  • Extensive data sets (digital economy + consumer goods)
  • Templates for market modeling (external perspective) and business cases (internal perspective)
  • Feasible costs and benefits breakdown
  • Individual starting date, three currencies
  • Pitchdeck template


  • Provides information on over 40,000 stock listed and private companies worldwide
  • Company information
  • Key company metrics
  • Profitability metrics
  • Key stock performance metrics (for listed companies)
  • Competitor analyses
  • Contact details 


  • Over 2,000,000 studies, reports and scholarly documents from the web
  • Nine advanced filter options
  • Scholarly publication with no paywalls

There is one add-on modules for Statista:

  • Global Consumer Survey (GCS) - Offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage, covering the offline and online world of the consumer. It is designed to help marketers, planners, and product managers understand consumer behavior and consumer interactions with brands.

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Last updated: December 9, 2020

Multi-Consortial Note: 

This license is made available through a national site license negotiated on behalf of Consortia Canada by the Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL). 

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